Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Carina's actual birthday was on a Monday.
Since we had already had her party on the 3rd, it was fairly quiet.
After Mike got home, she opened presents from us..

Yes.  Carina got a package of napkins for her birthday.
And she was happy with them.
Its the little things.
She is always the first one to ask for a napkin at any meal and she does so without fail.
So, prior to her birthday, it became something of a joke and I told her that I was going to buy her napkins for her birthday..
they didn't last long.

We didn't get to do the cool whip eating contest at her party for various reasons, so instead, after her special dinner (chicken "on the bone") the race was on.

Carina won the "neatest eater" award
Michael won the "fastest eater" award
Rian won the "messiest eater" award.
Travis ate his with a spoon!!  

Birthday brownies!
 Hope you had a wonderful 5th birthday, Carina!

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