Tuesday, September 4, 2012


August was a pretty busy month.

Mike was able to take off two days in the month for a mini "stay-cation."
We tried to go to the Land of Make Believe last year, but we were rained out.
So, it was on the top of the list for this year.
And we made it.

Candy Cane Forest.

 Only Rian wanted to go on the ferris wheel (and everything else--the girl has no fear)
Travis was limited to the train, hayride, and carousel otherwise he would have gone on everything too.  Michael picked and chose certain things and Carina is not a ride person.  AT ALL.
The train is her speed.  She doesn't even like the carousel. 

 Some ice cream?
We spent quite a bit of time in the water park area, but obviously I didn't bring my camera or phone.  
We all managed to go on the lazy river (Carina had to be forcibly persuaded--but ended up liking it as long as she didn't end up under any spouting water)!! 


Waiting at the pavilion watching the end of a show,
  while Daddy, Rian, and Michael went on two rides.

Rian and Michael in the second car..
they both loved this ride.

We spent the day there and had some tired kids (and parents!) later on.
They are all at a good age for this trip (barring Travis not being allowed on rides)--no strollers or anything to worry about. 

I have a bunch more pictures and August happenings..
but they are going to have to wait for another time.

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