Thursday, September 20, 2012


It was time.
As much as we (I) loved the curls, it was getting scraggly.
So, this past Saturday, I took Travis for his first haircut.

Some before pictures.

In the chair.

The back.

Not too thrilled..we started out with him solo in the chair, 
but he ended up in my lap where he did just fine.

All cleaned up!

My handsome little man.
The first haircut always seems to make them look so much older.
In other Travis news, he sits on the potty probably once a day, I haven't yet buckled down into a schedule with results yet (except for once!).  We put safety rails on the bottom bunk to get him into a big boy bed, but he really wants nothing to do with that either.  That was a surprise--all the other kids were happy to get into a big bed.  Not this guy!  
Couple short weeks, kiddo, and you don't have a choice anymore!

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