Monday, September 10, 2012


Yes, the craziness is upon us!

School, soccer, dance and so forth and so on.
Michael had his first game on Saturday..
a quick picture before we had to race out the door.

Cleat check!

The spectators keeping busy.

There are enough kids on the team to have a sub or two, which is nice (even though they only play 10 minute quarters!!) in case a player needs a break.

The team won, so that was exciting.
Soccer at this age is just very amusing to watch.
There is no passing or "playing positions."
The horde chases the ball around the field basically...and sometimes teammates "fight" one another for the ball.  Often, you'll see someone kick towards the wrong is really quite comical..but I suppose everyone has to start and learn somewhere.  It is fun and good exercise.  There are two boys that were on the t-ball team on the same soccer team, that is nice for Michael as well.

We're looking forward to a fun season!

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