Friday, October 14, 2011


Just some thoughts running rampant through my head today.
They need an outlet.
You can relate, right?

Of course feel free to comment, disagree, share bits of wisdom on any of my thoughts (as long as you do it in a nice way).

  • I am very, very tempted to ditch our "pre-packaged" curriculum.  Not that it is bad.  It is not.  I just think, maybe, just maybe..I could do better and not feel pressured to fit everything in???   Plus, I'm not thrilled with how they organized the lesson plans.  I end up re-writing them for myself anyway.                                                                                                           (no one is actually pressuring me..other than myself) 
  • My house is just too small.  I so wish I had at least one more closet.  Or less clutter?  Or be more organized?  Hmmm...
  • I am loving that my kids are actually starting to eat like normal human beings.  The older two that is.  The little ones eat pretty well.  They actually will eat meat.  Michael ASKED for more ravioli today.  He ASKED!!  Very exciting.
  • I'm having an issue with only having 24 hours in one day.  Silly, right?  God created everything perfectly and knows just what we need.  So, what should I cut out?  Cleaning?  Cooking?  Bathing?  Playing? Sleeping?  Learning?  I'm sure once we get fully "into our groove" things will just fall into place, so to speak..but we aren't quite there yet.  It frustrates me.  We're over a month into school already.  Shouldn't I have the hang of getting EVERYTHING done yet?
  • We're hoping to visit our new niece soon!!  The kids keep telling me how they are going to say "hi" to "Abby Cadaby."  I don't think they realize or remember how little newborns actually are.
  • Money.  We won't go there.  Suffice it to say, it is on my mind.  I certainly know it is not everything or even something super important..but it surely is nice to have when you need it.
  • Church.  Dilemmas.  What is best for our family now?  I won't get into it right now.  Maybe another post.
  • The age old struggle of being a better, more Godly, content woman, wife, mother, person all around.  Dying to self daily.
  • Michael misses his friends.  It really makes me ache for him.  If not for that, I think he would be completely content at home.  Yes, he is only five years old, but he was in a social, pre-school setting for 2 years..he knows what he is talking about.  He mentions his school friends often.  I don't want to join a co-op at this point, and at all the activities we go to, he is the oldest one there.  I need to find some boys, preferably in the 4-6 age range to hang out with on a regular basis.  Any takers?

I could go on..but I think that is enough to leave you with at this point in time.  

Have a fantabulous weekend!

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Trevor & Jill said...

Hey Stacie, as far as scheduling and homeschooling and moe time in a day check out the book "Managers of Their Homes" by Steven and Terri Maxwell. I just finished it. It is excellent! Its written primarily for homeschool parents struggling to find time to fit everything into their schedule. They actually show you how to make a schedule and give you the supplies us need to do it. I highly recommend it!!