Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Mid-September, we took a mini-vacation..a mere couple miles from our home to the Great Wolf Lodge.  A benefit to homeschooling--we could go mid-week AND take advantage of their homeschooler discount!!  We stayed one night and two days--
the kiddies had a BLAST!

Our room.
 Getting ready to head down!

 Carina is the most timid of all the swimmers.
She kind of stayed on the edges pretty much the whole time.
Rian, on the other hand, 
had no fear and wanted to go on every slide!
Michael was right in the middle of the two extremes.

 The wave pool is where Travis and I (and Bean) hung out for the majority of the time.  He loves the water too.

 Showing me her "raisins."

 My biggest problem was the girls and the use of the bathroom.
As you may know, neither of them like to use public restrooms (neither do I, for that matter!!), but on day #2, we had to leave our room by 11am--but were able to use the waterpark for the rest of the day.  For the price we paid, you had better believe we were staying for a good chunk of time on day #2!!  There was no comfort of the froggy potty in our room though.  So, it seemed like a constant from the two of them, "I have to go potty," and then wouldn't go--until it to got to be dire emergency.

 The hallway.
If you have not been there before, it is an indoor waterpark, complete with restaurants, gift shops, bowling alley, storytimes, spa etc. etc. etc.  They have all sorts of kid activities as well as adult things to do.  I warn you, it is pricey though.
Well worth it with the discount to see the kids have so much fun though.
 After about four hours at the water park, we headed to our room to clean up and see about some dinner.
 That looks like a tired face to me!
 My little wolf cubs.

 After dinner, getting ready for storytime at the fireplace.

 EXCEPT..little miss had to go potty of course.
Mike stayed with the two older kids, while I took the little ones up for jammies and potty.

 Time for bed!
Michael got the pull-out bed to himself, the girls shared a double bed and we brought the pack and play for Travis.  
It worked pretty well.

And then we have day #2.

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