Thursday, October 13, 2011


Nope.  We weren't picking our noses.  

Though, I do have one darling two year old that dearly loves to put a finger up her nose at this point in time.
Anyway, I digress.

To wrap up our mini-getaway, we went apple picking as a family, at a local farm.  It was nice, we pretty much had the place to ourselves...
Unless you count the millions upon millions of bugs that were swarming us!!  :(

Getting ready to hit the trees.

 His first pick.

( I love these shots. )
What are these things anyway??

 Mister did NOT want to let go of his apple!!


 Taking a bite..
 Still working on it.
 We finished picking our apples and moved over to the raspberry bushes.
Something about raspberries make me think of summer.
They TASTED like summer.
Maybe it is because we had wild raspberry bushes around our house growing up that we used to pick..

 Sorry for being sideways.  I only noticed after I got them on here..and I don't know how to fix it from here.

The little kids sat in the wagon, munching on apples, while the rest of us picked some berries.  The house was actually across the street, even though you can't tell here.
Showing me how yummy they are!

It was a nice day. 
We had a super fast lunch and then took Daddy to storytime!
And that concludes our mini-vacation.
The end.

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