Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was quite a day..and such strange weather..rain, sun, torrential rain, sun, clouds, rain, sun..and so forth.  Anyway, a big thanks to family members, you know who you are.  Work day 2011 was productive.  On to my list. 

7 Baby Items I Love

1.  Double stroller
It is wonderful!  I don't care what people say.  Don't leave home without it!
2.  Boppy pillow
nice for nursing an infant, great for supporting a small baby on their belly or when learning to sit..
3.  High Chair
Must be a reclining one!  We use ours from infancy on
4.  Pacifier Strap
no explanation necessary..this has saved us from many a woe
5.  Bundle Me
fantastic for the cold months rather than having bulky snowsuits, wish there was one in my size..
6.  Exer-saucer
7.  In the car Bottle Warmer

Have a nice rest of the weekend!

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