Saturday, August 12, 2017


Being 4-H members, when it comes to be Fair time--there is almost no time for anything else.
Especially when you are part of three different clubs!

The two big kids had two competitions on different days.
Competition number one was on bowmanship--in addition to shooting, they were judged on how much knowledge they had on their equipment, their form, and technique.  I'm sure there were a few other things as well, but you get the idea.

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They both scored "Good."

The second competition was an archery competition.  The contestants had to shoot 12 rounds of 3 arrows each--walk down and score them etc. etc. etc.  It was hot.  It was long.  During MJ's round, one girl actually overheated and they had to stop for a bit and get everyone water.  This was MJ's second time in competition at the fair.  

However, he did an awesome job!  1st place in his category at 15 meters.
He also got the 2nd highest score out of all the contestants shooting at 15 meters!

This was Bean's first time shooting at the fair!
She blew us away!

She did an AMAZING!!!
Of course we weren't expecting her to do poorly, but just give it her best--
She outscored everyone by a landslide!
It was super exciting!

1st place in her category at 10 meters and highest score out of all the contestants shooting at 10 meters!!!!

We are so proud of both the kids!!!

A group shot of a good number of the contestants with the Queen of the Fair.  Some people had left by that time.  It was literally an all day event.  They had to register at 9:30am and the final matches didn't end until 4:30pm-ish, followed by awards.  So, yes it was exciting, but Fair week is exhausting.  I'm always glad when it comes to a close.

I didn't even get pictures from the other clubs/booths..but I'm working on tracking some down.
Hopefully, someone will let me use their photos.

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