Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Here they are!
Our first "official" day back to school pictures.
We unofficially started two weeks ago, with just a couple of subjects.
Today we started back full swing.
I'll try and share some curriculum choices over the next couple weeks, just because I'm always interested in what other people use.

Do you see my potential issues with this one?
So far, no problems..but we are going gently.

This guy is enrolled in classes at co-op this year, pre-k classes and we are unsure right now whether we are continuing speech with him.  While he has come a long way, speech right now is a big hinderance to any further formal education--we just are not sure if we will be able to make it work for our schedule to bring him to the weekly sessions.

Oh, this stinker!  Constantly into whatever the older kids are doing..he also does not nap.
He will surely keep us on our toes and make things interesting.

Happy Back to School!
Hoping it is a great year!

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