Friday, October 31, 2014


Yesterday, we threw in the towel.

We called it quits on our History Curriculum.

I put it to a vote and everyone agreed.

I am disappointed, having spent money and time on this, but it just is not working well for us.
It has been consistently the last thing that we get to and the first thing we skip if we run out of time for the day.

It is the same company we used last year, and really enjoyed--however 
this year I just find it to be boring and drudgerous. 
And I enjoy History!

So, we're done.

I do have say it was definitely Geography as compared to History.
Of course, we're not done with history or geography--just this particular curriculum this time around.
I have plenty of other resources that we will use.  I will probably use some of the books that were included with this curriculum, but not as a whole.

Just thought I would share this little tidbit about our homeschooling journey.

What is new with you?

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