Thursday, October 9, 2014


About a month ago, a friend ended up with thousands of Australian Tree Frog tadpoles.
We were asked if we wanted any.
Why not?  Right?
So, we took a few.

They were so tiny, really rather impossible to take a picture of.
They were probably the size of this "o" or thereabout.
They also did not stay still for any extended period of time.
 This is about the best I could do:

Fast forward a couple of weeks and...
We have legs!!

This is the biggest of the bunch,
probably about as big as the pad of my ring finger..or a bit smaller.
We have not named them yet.  I thought it wise to wait until they all change into frogs and we see how many are left.  The difference in size between some of them is significant and some have "mysteriously" cannibalized we fear.

We will keep you posted.

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