Saturday, June 14, 2014


Someone turned FIVE this past April!
Birthday celebrations usually consist of a meal of your choosing and presents/cake with just us after Daddy gets home from work on the actual birthday.  Then, we will usually have immediate family over to celebrate on a weekend that is convenient.  Five is a big number in our family.  It is the first time you can invite some friends and have a "big" party, not just our normal small-ish gathering.  (As if 20+ of immediate family is SMALL!)  Anyway, Missy's birthday fell on a Friday..BUT it was the day after the wedding AND an unavoidable event that night (I'll explain later)--so we did things a bit differently.

Mike was home and since we couldn't do a special dinner, we did presents first thing in the A.M. and then went out for breakfast!

This is a rare treat, breakfasting (well, dining really..) out. 
So, it was a nice alternative to our normal birthday routine.

We even brought along a candle to stick in her pigs in blanket.

 After that, we headed to our next place on the list..only to find that we needed to wait a half hour or so until the place opened.  It just so happened there was a park RIGHT down the road.  Perfect for a half hour's worth of play.

When time was up, we headed back to a paint-your-own-pottery place (now open!) to wrap up the birthday celebration.  It had a two-fold purpose.  #1, something fun to do on a birthday and #2, the kids each picked out a piece to give to the grandmothers for Mother's Day.

Rian picked out a teacher mug.

Carina a ring holder

Michael a dragon.

Travis a vase.

Even Mike got in on the painting.
Jared slept the whole time in the stroller.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the finished products after we picked them up.
Everything was lovely though.

That concluded our birthday day celebration.
The day however, was FAR from over!

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