Wednesday, February 19, 2014


12 days post-surgery.
This is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.
Today, I had my follow-up doctor visit.
Today was the first time I left the house since the surgery.
Today was the first time I put on "real" clothes.
Today is the best I have felt so far.
I still can't bend over properly or sleep on my side without discomfort.
Doc said not to lift anything over 20 lbs for another month.
Mike did purchase me an abdominal wrap/band today and I would highly recommend it to anyone having to undergo this surgery or a similar one.  I wish I had had it sooner.  


It has been snowing.
And snowing.
And snowing.
And snowing.
Oh, today was rain.
We must have--er--at least prior to the rain today, 3 feet of snow.  Or maybe more.
I feel for those who have to plow.
Speaking of plowing, our driveway is the pits.
Seriously, the van has been stuck numerous times.
The driveway HAS been plowed.
Several times.
There is a bit of snow on it from the last storm, but the van is terrible in the snow.
It is a good thing that we left early for the doctor today, because Mike had to use the truck to pull the van out 3 times and then another to get back IN the driveway.
Winters like this, I REALLY miss the Expedition and 4 wheel drive.
Our driveway is not even steep or hilly.
No company or travels til it melts.

Mister Jared turned 15 months this past Sunday.
15 months and STILL not walking!!
He is developing quite the personality.
We ask him if he wants to stand up and walk and he smiles and shakes his head no.
He still climbs on everything and cruises along the furniture and he CAN stand by himself..but he just refuses to walk.
One of these days he is just going to get up and run.
Still no "real" words either.
He babbles but that is about it.

Our room is coming along.  It is closed up and the door is in!
It is completely sheet rocked.

More to come.
I have to go comfort a crying one.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought about getting stuck in the snow... My previous minivan was terrible in the snow. And it wasn't me cause I grew up driving in snow ;) It was the tires. They were graded great for rain etc but we're terrible in snow. I almost got stuck exiting a ramp off the highway! We got tires rated much better for snow and the problem was solved!