Monday, February 3, 2014


Today is not a normal Monday.

It is SNOWING..again.  grrr.
I already got two loads of laundry done and dishes cleaned up.
Laundry in the living room is folded.
Don't mind the million books littering the floor or the little people house and characters or the school work covering the table--

I have 4 outside playing in the snow and 1 napping.
Crazy, I know!

Jared has been very cranky and now has a runny nose, so that coupled with the consistent snow falling all morning..we decided to stay home from dance today.
I have only heard the plow go by once and the-oh-so-reliable social media I check from time to time, tells me that though the highways are clear, the back roads are a mess and this is probably the that a word??.. snowfall yet.

It sure is pretty though.

We got our Bible, Science, Writing, and Read Aloud done this morning, along with Rian's work and we are now taking a break from our regularly scheduled day.
After the kids come in and have some hot chocolate and a snack, we'll finish up with Math, History, Spelling and a different read-aloud.

I had a grand idea to do some kind of series for the month of February.  However, it is already the 3rd.  This past weekend was pretty full.
I went bridal party dress shopping.
This time around, the bride allowed us to choose whatever dress we wanted, but within color and style parameters.  I THOUGHT that would be so easy and nice for a change..but turned out to be a lot more work.  Certain dresses only come in one color or the other color, couldn't be the same neckline blah blah blah.  We finally did decide on dresses.  Several hours later.
Then, so glad to be done, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention and backed into a construction cone wrapped around a cement sign..lovely.  Really, I did NOT see it in any of my mirrors.  A little bit of damage, not too major.  There were no other parking spots in the lot, so I made a mental note to be careful when we left..but after the whole ordeal that is called dress shopping, my mental note did not kick in.  
Coulda been worse.

Anyway, so by the time I got home that night, I was in no mood to start blogging. 
Baths and dinner and clean-up all took priority.

So, readers--would you like to still see a series?
On anything in particular?
Or just my usual randomness?

Let me know!


Mama B said...

Tell me some examples of a series!

Stacie said...

Well, I did a series a couple of years ago in February of things I love..and I also did a countdown 10 things, I think it was(?) to turning 30..I'm up for suggestions.
I was thinking of things that would be 28..closest I got was the alphabet with an intro and conclusion..a different letter/topic pertaining to that letter each day. But it is now February 8th. Hmm..

Stacie said...
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