Monday, January 14, 2013


Were you wondering how we're getting along homeschooling these days?

I thought I would give you a little update.

I have stopped writing my lesson plans the week before.
This is what I did last year right up until Jared was born.

Now, I fill them in after completion.
Call me crazy, but if it is written down I am compelled to do them, ALL.  
That day.
Even though I only write in pencil and not in stone.
It just was NOT working with an infant.

So, now I don't feel the amount of pressure to get it all in.
What we get done, we get done.
Most days, I'm happy with what we accomplish.
My kiddos are in "K" and "1st" grades..
Pre-K is an issue to address another time.
They are both reading, both writing, both can add and subtract..
so, if we let a couple things slide for the time being and work them back in when we can, 
I'm okay with that.
For the record, I do try to always get in Reading, Math, and Bible.

We were also last year and this year attempting to have our schoolwork finished by lunchtime.
Since the new baby, we mostly begin our work AFTER lunch.
(Though as of last week, Jared is now sleeping better in the mornings and this may change again!)
Being flexible is key.

We still have our weekly outings to dance and the library and now the bi-weekly co-op.  
We're busy.
As we look forward to Springtime, 
I hope to get out for more "field trips" and play dates and Little League!!

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