Saturday, January 5, 2013


2013 has arrived!
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and holiday season.
I am working on a new memory card for my camera, so I will have to get previous photos at another time.  These pictures are from the Christmas get-together with my family.
We had brunch..a meal with food that EVERYONE likes! 

Pancakes, french toast casserole, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, quiche...


This year all the kids (and some adults) got to wear their jammies!
Here they are doing the pajama party dance!

Travis just watched.

Sleep time?  

Once upon a time we all bought for everyone..but that time has passed.
For the foreseeable future anyway.
We all pick a name for the adults and each child gets a gift.

Waiting patiently to open.

Tabitha needed a little bit of help with her presents.

A pretty new hat made by Aunt Sheri!
In her favorite color, of course.

 Hula Hoops made by Aunt Essie and Uncle Joey.
They were a big hit.

 The girls modeling their new headgear

Hula Hoop demonstration.
Travis was so impressed that later on he picked up his hoop and asked Uncle Joey for more.

 Spy gear.
Perfect for Michael.

Some of the boys showing off their new things.

The girls got new homemade tutus!

 Someone got a little wrap-happy and Dad was the recipient.

Notice the pile of newspaper wrapping..and he was still not done.
Oh, I didn't mention--each layer of wrapping was encased in packing tape!

So, there you have it.
A small glimpse of one of our "Christmas" celebrations.

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