Tuesday, August 23, 2016


MJ turned 10 in July.  
We told him that instead of having a big party, he could choose a couple of friends and do an outing.
First he wanted to go rafting, however we ran into issues with that since every place we looked into wanted 4 adults along.  So, as an alternate activity he chose a go-karting/paintballing/mini-golf combo at a place in PA.  We also invited four boys to sleepover, camping style and swim.
Unfortunately, none of the dates we offered worked for one of the boys.  So, we had three boys over one night for swimming and a campfire dinner.  

One had to go home that night.
So, we were down to MJ and two friends camping out and going for the activity the next day.
After a pancake and bacon breakfast, they headed out.

Lunch after the festivities.

MJ enjoyed himself.  I hope the other boys did as well.
Our new tradition for the 10th birthday.

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