Thursday, June 23, 2016


Sometimes there are deals that you just CANNOT pass up.
Like the end of the year co-op trip to the local amusement/water park that is discounted more than 50%.
So, we went!
It was such a nice day!  The park was not open to the public yet and so it was only schools and such there.  The weather was beautiful and after a few of the kids got over their initial rejection of the rides--everyone (of the proper height) went on the rides!

These next two pictures I can take no credit for.


I was able to take G on one or two rides, but he wasn't a fan.  
Maybe if we go next year.

After all the rides we could do in the "dry" side before lunch, we headed to the water side.
There, I took no pictures.

EVERYONE had a blast though.
Even though the water was pretty VERY chilly.
The big kids did all the water slides and lazy river and the little kids hung out in the wading pool and hit up the kiddie slides.
We had some tired kids at the end of the day!

Overall, I'd say the day was a success.

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