Thursday, January 28, 2016


A brief glimpse into our New Year's Eve festivities.
Mike had to work and being that it was the last day of the month--had to work late! :(

New Year's Eve is one of the celebrations the kids most look forward to..
staying up until midnight and the different games and activities are always fun.
This year we did a count down (pinterest inspired) that went over pretty well.

I put a task or activity into each balloon and strung them up.
On the hour, the kids would take turns and pop the balloon and we would complete the task/activity inside.  The countdown started at 4pm.  Unfortunately, Mike missed half of it.

What New Year's Eve party is complete without special goodies? 
 This is just a little sampling.

I didn't get too many pictures unfortunately, but some of our activities included a board game, a "dance party," Bible reading and prayer, family movie, working on an end of the year all about me paper, and opening a couple of gifts.

Five out of six made it until midnight.
And it wasn't the baby that fell asleep!

How did you spend your New Year's Eve?

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