Wednesday, June 10, 2015


**note this post was started a few weeks ago**

It has been a long while since I gave you a post full of random thoughts.
Are you ready?

June is looking jam-packed full of events from birthdays, weddings, showers, graduation parties and so on and so forth.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

We are not yet done with our school year, but with the weather as it has been, I'm easing off a bit, just a bit, mind you.  I fully intend to finish, just at a slower pace.
It feels like summer, looks like summer..and we even got two pool days in so far.  (Pretty good I'd say, since the pool has only been cleared up for two days!)
*And then it got cold again!!*

I have all my curriculum for next school year, but I'll save that for another post.

I have a couple of new nephews.  One in the NICU and in need of prayer.

I just had a birthday. 
While I'm grateful for another year, it just is not exciting at all anymore.  I much prefer celebrating the kids' birthdays. 

We've been getting speech therapy for J.
Through Early Intervention.

I signed up the kids for a co-op this coming Fall.
I'm both excited for this new venture and kicking myself at the same time.

We got a new bunch of chickens recently.  
Mike expanded the chicken coop we have and made some renovations.  
We still need a bit more wire for the top.
Here is our Chicken Lady putting a hen back in her coop.
We have so many animals around (we've lost several chickens to wildlife) that it is for their benefit to be in a coop..a large coop at that.

Speaking of wildlife, we had two interesting visitors this past week--a big ol' bear that wanted to come up on the porch  and this little guy.

I came across some fun websites recently that we have been using.
Check them out!

Well, I'm tired.
Hope you are all well!

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