Wednesday, April 29, 2015


SIX years old!!

Due to our crazy schedule between softball and baseball, we ended up having her family party after a rescheduled softball game at a local park.  She was really surprised to see everyone show up at the game!  The only downside--it was freezing cold.  Not quite literally freezing, but awfully close!  I think it bothered the adults more than the kids though, they ran around on the playground.  
She has 2 loose teeth, one that REALLY needs to come out as the new tooth is pushing up behind it.
She is reading and writing, adding and subtracting and has a fantastic memory!  She is usually the one with all the answers.  Missy is into all things glittery and sparkly and girly but also loves playing in the mud and finding critters (as long as they aren't bees!).  We just took the training wheels off of her bike and I'm sure she'll be off in no time.

Happy Birthday, Rian!
We love you!

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