Tuesday, July 8, 2014


After the ceremony and pictures, we headed over to the reception hall..about 10-15 minutes away.
Guests were able to mingle during a "cocktail" hour while the wedding party had a room downstairs.
The reception was held in an American Legion Hall that we decorated the day before...and touched up earlier in the day.

Someone was a little tired after having done hair and makeup for several..

A view of the front of the room..fireplace loaded with candles and a small dance floor.
V.V. was showing off her moves.

Speech by the Maid-of-Honor

Speech by the Best Man.
Short n Sweet.


Not only lovely to look at, but tasted good too!
It was made by someone Steven went to school with..

Um, taking pictures during dinner??

 Mother-Son Dance.

Father-Daughter Dance.

One of the bridesmaids trying to get Tayvan on the dance floor.

She was not successful.

 There he is.
Big changes in the life for him.

 Time to cut the cake.


Seeing them off..

Happy Honeymooning!

So began a new family.

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