Thursday, October 10, 2013


It was a cowgirl party for Rian last Saturday!
The first birthday party she has ever attended solo.
(Well, Jared and I were there but we hung around the background.)

She was so thrilled.
Games to begin.

Cutest cowgirl in the east!

All ready to ride..

The invitation said "pony rides."
I was expecting little ponies.

It was no problem.
She had a blast.
Her horse was named Lady.

I'm sorry for the blurry pictures,
 I had a squirmy boy in my arms.

After riding, we went to the party room for food.
The mom did a great job decorating, by the way.

Some dance friends.

After lunch, it was time to go feed the horses 
and ride in the wagon.  
Then back to the party room for cupcakes and presents.

This is what I had expected.

Cowgirl Rian had a a fun day at the farm, that is for certain.

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