Friday, September 20, 2013


At the end of June it began.

Many thanks to the crew of family members and a few friends on the fire department for all the help.

Ready to fill?

Or not.
We had it partially filled, but there were some big bumps in the liner..too many people pulling in different directions (not that we're complaining!) we pumped it out and smoothed the bumps and filled again.

Getting there!

The first swim was in the second week of July, just in time for the HOT, HOT weather!
As you can see it was still pretty green.
We went with a salt water filter rather than the regular thing.
A little bit more money up front, but more cost-effective in the long run.
No chemicals and we LOVE it!

Two days later, it was crystal clear!

The kids made such progress this year!
It was worth it just for that.

Carina is not afraid to get in and is doing well, ..Michael is comfortable swimming under water and above (doggy paddling)..Rian can swim with no "swimmies" if there is someone with her and one "swimmie" with no problem on her own..They jump in and go underwater..etc.  
Having a pool has made a HUGE difference.
  I'm sad that we have to close it up for the winter..and already looking forward to next Spring!

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