Friday, July 19, 2013


Every single event/plan/playdate etc. that I had for this week was cancelled.

Every single bit of school work I hoped to accomplish was put to the side.

I THOUGHT the garden was neglected last week during VBS..nope.  It DEFINITELY was this week.

See, Sunday I started to feel yucky.

Monday it was bad enough to go to the doctor.
And I don't go to the doctor.

Thursday I went BACK to the doctor and got new meds.

It has been quite the week.
Certainly not the way I had planned on spending it.
We had several activities and events to attend this week that just didn't happen.
Mike has been pretty much taking over once he gets home, which has been a help.
The kids have been loving swimming time with Daddy at night.
Not too many baths this week 

These things happen.
Even the best laid plans go awry.
Humanly speaking, of course, because THE BEST laid plans NEVER go awry,
and for that I am forever grateful.

The end.

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