Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday, I read an article.
(er...its now been a couple of weeks!)
I don't remember who wrote it.
I don't think I even looked at the author at the time.

Basically the author stated that he had no knowledge of homeschooling, but why in the world would anyone do it?!  Aren't "teachers" more qualified?  You wouldn't go to a doctor who had taught him or herself medicine at home, right?

Yeah, I'm sure you know that I don't agree with his ideas and could poke a million holes.
The article did make me wonder though, how many people actually think this way?

As most of you know, I NEVER intended to be among the homeschooling.
It was not part of MY plan.  My, how things change!
Here we are working on finishing up our second year!
I stick to saying that we will continue on a year-to-year basis.
Anyway, I am no expert.
I do, however, hold a degree in education and spent my years prior to having babies teaching.
So, I kinda can chime in with a parental as well as "professional educator's" point of view.

Hands down, there is NO ONE more qualified to teach a child than a willing, loving, invested parent.
Parents do not need to know everything in order to teach.
Sorry, teachers do not know everything.
I was/am one.
One needs to know how to find the answers.  There are millions and millions of resources at our fingertips nowadays--use them.

As a college educated educator, I have to tell you--college did NOT teach me HOW to teach or WHAT to teach. I majored in Elementary Education.   College taught me how to MANAGE.
How to manage a classroom full of 20-30 students all the same age while trying to modify behavior, teach lessons, observe, and keep my sanity in doing it.  All little tips and tricks to keep a classroom flowing smoothly.  It was important, I don't dispute that.  Parents do NOT need to know this.  Parents need to know their children.  Parents have so much more INVESTED in their children and the motivation to see their children succeed.  Most parents I know did not decide to homeschool because it would be so EASY.  Ha!  That is laughable.  It is not easy, or clean, or smooth all the time.  They decided to homeschool because they believe that it is what is best for their children and family.  They believe in educating the whole child not just pieces.  It is a commonly known fact that public school system is failing, should parents be penalized for wanting better?

Let me state, that I am in no way putting down public or professional educators--most of them are great people that are genuinely trying to make a difference.  I know and love many of them.  They are great teachers.  We all know that there are also lousy teachers and in addition, there are lousy parents.  It is a sad fact that a lousy few give the fantastic majority a bad name, in both instances.

Socialization is another issue that just pops up whenever anyone mentions homeschooling.
After dance, t-ball, soccer, co-op, Sunday School, church, family outings, storytime etc. etc. etc.  I'm worn out by all the socialization.  Seriously, can't we just STAY HOME?!!  Lol.
I'll leave it at that.

Personally, I see a problem with the boxed education.  All children are different, but in a classroom a teacher's hands are mostly tied by a vast number of things; curriculum, time, administration, laws, other students etc.  I'm sure you have all seen that cartoon floating around cyber world, with the animals all lined up for an elephant and a monkey are among them.  The teacher says that there is a test which is climbing a tree.  Who ever can do so, passes.  Obviously, elephants don't climb trees.  Nor can we expect every child to perform the same way.  Parents may have 1, 2, 9, 15 children..but they are able to cater to the needs of each individual in a way that the school system just is not able to.  In my opinion, home education is not just about getting from grade to grade in order to "get to real life."  Home-schooling is a way of life.  Homeschooling may not be for everyone, and that is okay..but please don't belittle parents who are trying their very best for their children.    Just because home education does not look like a classroom education does not mean it is not working.  In fact, that is a major obstacle I think home educators may need to overcome--it SHOULD NOT (!!!!!) look like classroom education.  I firmly believe in the majority of cases, sending parents to college just to get a piece of paper in order to be "qualified" to teach their own children...complete and utter foolishness.

Good parents are constantly learning along with their children, whether or not they homeschool.  Homeschooling just adds a bit more of a push to learn. 

No, I would most likely not go to a self-taught doctor..but then again, these days?
Who knows.

So, now that I have just unloaded some "brain diharria" into your lap,
enjoy and have a great weekend!


Nicolette said...

Hi Stacie, I also am a teacher and out of necessity am homeschooling right now. In general, I am more in favor of teachers educating children as opposed to parents doing so. College did teach me how to manage a classroom, but I also learned so much more (content-wise). Yes, I think I make a much better english teacher than someone who never went to college and wasn't immersed in the subject for four years! Knowing your subject IS important! Being at home has taught me that I personally believe Juliet would be better off in school than me teaching her (hopefully this will soon change!). There are too many subjects that need to be taught by someone who is sufficiently knowledgeable in the subject. For instance, I could never teach physics. And I want Juliet to have someone teach her who knows the subject well than to have me bumbling along giving her the basics. I know co-op can give some options - however, I personally think there are so many loop-holes when it comes to home-schooling that many children are lacking in areas. That said, I have seen some great homeschooling successes - and I've seen some terrible ones. I just think some people aren't cut out for homeschooling and don't necessarily agree that a parent is the best educator our there....

Stacie said...

We can agree to disagree. :) Just curious, did you do study secondary or elementary ed? Secondary education focuses more on content knowledge. I have also seen some terrible homeschool stories and on the flip side, terrible school stories, which is why it is great to have the option for both. FYI, not only are there co-ops available to homeschoolers that specialize in certain subjects, but there are online courses, community college courses, tutors and so much more. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable teaching physics on my own either--but IF we decide to stick with it, I know that I will have a wealth of resources that I can tap into, and I will learn right alongside my kids. Hope you are doing well :) Thanks for the input