Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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 This back-to-school-work-thing is looking to be more difficult than I had imagined.
I knew it would be an adjustment, however
one thing I've realized this week is that I can plan on getting NOTHING 
(school-wise) done in the mornings.
Between showering, breakfasting, feeding everyone, cleaning up from feeding everyone, nursing umpteen times, etc.  there is just no way that schoolwork is getting done.  

Me, being me, I feel it looming over me.
Silly, I know and something I need to work on.
My little one is sleeping well at night, but it does mean he wants to eat all morning and on top of it, Travis "needs" to go potty every 20-30 minutes.  It makes things interesting.
These past couple days, I've waited until after lunch when Travis naps and Jared usually has a full belly and sleeps for a significant amount of time, to do any schoolwork.  It has been working.  It is just a really FULL day.  I'd love to get some housework done or even take a short nap during this time..but.  What's one to do? 
(By the way, I'm not complaining.  Simply stating how it is.)

I took a full two weeks off from doing any work..wondering how long anyone else has ever taken..
Part of me says we should just press on and get done what we can and another part says take off another couple of weeks until Jared's "schedule" is a bit more predictable.  He is not even 3 weeks old yet...

Thoughts?  Advice?

The kids have been good about getting their work done.  I haven't had to fight with anyone to come and do school which is a definite plus.  

It's just me.

We'll adjust.

Besides, learning doesn't take place only during certain hours of the day, right?  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ask the Lord, what needs to be done today. Follow His lead. I'll be praying for you!