Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We all have seasons to our lives.
They are filled with various tasks and people and life events that shape us.
I know this.  You know this.
It has crossed my mind more than once lately..
this wondering..

What did I do before I had kids?

(I know that I worked three jobs right up until Michael was born and had a fairly full "social schedule" and I took vacations in the summer) I miss that, by the way.  Just being able to pack up and go.  Pretty much impossible these days between gas prices and the amount of people.  Anyway..

Then, I wonder, 
What did I do when I had only One baby? 
 I must have had so much time on my hands!
Though, I know that I was working part-time still as well as being wife and mommy.

How about with Two and Three?
Still worked part time with two, plus doing my own direct sales business up until number Four came around..

Four kids?
Not so bad.  

Now, I think..


I must have had so much time!

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Anonymous said...

I laugh at the time I had the first years of marriage without kids. Of course we had house projects but that hasn't changed with 4 kids now. Time is relative... You always think you're busy... Till the next thing is added on and then you wish for the previous "busyness". Perhaps we get more efficient too with more experience (I like to think so) :)