Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here we are in February!!
What a beautiful day it was! 
 Just shy of sixty degrees, the kids had some quality outdoor time today.
That is not what this post is about, however.
Yesterday, the final day of January 2012, we took a field trip.
With friends.
It was FUN!

We went to Imagine That!!
A Children's Museum.
The kids had a blast.

I'm sorry, a lot of these pictures are crummy..but they were in motion and I was busy watching the kids..not necessarily looking for perfect photo ops.
I still do want to document though.
Here goes.

Our group (minus 2) waiting for the "magic" show.
From Left to Right, Carina, Estrella, Maisy, Landon, Rian, Travis, Silas, Michael, and Tia.
Asher and Emma were MIA for the moment.

There's Asher!
but Landon is about to make a getaway.

Reading some books while waiting for the show to start.

ALMOST ready!

Estrella and Maisy up as volunteers

Wave those wands, Ladies!!

Michael also had a chance to volunteer.
He was soo into this.
Watching him cracking up at the "magician" just made me laugh.
For this trick, Michael had to grab some "magic" out of the air and throw it across the room into a tin bucket where it would make a plink as it "fell in."
He just got such a kick out of this.
Though, I think I have to explain it a bit better that it is just an illusion and not MAGIC.
Later that night, after we were home and I put the kids to bed, I went back into Michael's bedroom and he was awake in the dark.  There was a tin domino container in the middle of the floor and Michael informed me quietly, that he was trying to do magic. 
Ya know, pull it out of the air and make it "plink" into the container!
It made me laugh.  It was very cute.

Here he actually got to go up and help.
He had to help juggle..and kept missing the ball he was supposed to catch!!

He did finally catch the ball,in case you were anxious.

After the show was over, the kids were able to pet the dove.
I forget which kid said it, but I know someone mentioned that petting the dove was their favorite part of the day.

Part of a big jungle gym type thing.

Complete with slide.
Fast slide.
I saw Rian nearly flip over coming down.
She LOVED it!


Another fun room...filled with several real and/or life-sized vehicles.
The kids could climb in them and they even had some they could try on.

Girls going for a ride!

Silas driving the firetruck!

Michael's turn!

I didn't want Travis climbing all over the big firetruck, it was pretty high up, so he went on the alternative.

Asher checking out the plane.

Estrella driving.

Rian the pilot.
She played on this for quite a long time.
(The glass could use a bit of a cleaning, eh?)

Carina gearing up.

The castle.

Silas "planting" flowers.

Sir Michael, the knight.

In the background you'll see the little gators that kept climbing over the moat.

Fitting right in.
I know its a Honda...its okay.  Really.
(Lotsa "bikers" in the family, fyi)

All my "buds" in the garden.

Love these two!

choo choo!!

The back section was pretty cool too..
There was a large room that was divided up into sections.
There was a music room (see below), a dance studio, a grocery store, an art studio, vet, dentist etc. etc.  Props to go along with each section.

Michael and Landon banging out some tunes.

Travis and Tia going shopping.


 Definitely a place we'd like to go back to.
The kids had a great time.
Can't you tell?

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