Saturday, August 13, 2011


This year we skipped the grand ole state fair and went to our little county fair.  Same thing on a smaller scale..
(including smaller price).

Michael played a game in the FFA building and won a fish.

 Watching a pig show!

 One of the cool things that this fair has that the state fair DOESN'T have is the balloon festival.

 Very cool to watch all the balloons take off..

 Michael thought so too.

  love it!  Too bad not everyone was looking in the same direction, but such is life.

 more balloon pictures.

 Waiting for Daddy.

 Each of the kids got to pick one ride.
Michael picked the ferris wheel.

 and loved it!

 The girls went on the carousel.

 After that, we got some ice cream and it was time to go home!!
Mike took 2 of the kids back that weekend, so a few more fair pictures to come.

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